I don’t understand politics.  But I don’t think this is completely political: the Nazis lost.  The Confederacy lost.  These are both facts, and you cannot wield either flag and consider yourself an American.  Fuck Donald Trump’s condemnation of “hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides.”  There is only one side.  But what scares me about what is happening in Charlottesville, with the Nazis, the KKK, the white supremacists, is that those men, with their torches and their hate, will go home to their families after this.  They’ll kiss their wives.  They’ll wash the dirt off their hands in their sinks.  They’ll go on and live their lives.  They’ll eat in their kitchens.  They’ll sleep soundly in their beds, believing they’ve accomplished something good.  They’ll raise their children; they’ll share their beliefs with their children.  They will also go back to their jobs after this; these men are not wearing hoods because they are confident in the fact that they will still have jobs once this is all over.  I keep seeing posts on Facebook of some of the faces from the photographs from the rally with the caption: “Are you my employer? I was at a Nazi rally in Charlottesville, VA” and that’s great, that’s great, but here’s the thing: I believe that a majority of these men will not face repercussions from their employers after this rally.  They’re not afraid.  And why should they be?  With a president in the White House that cannot outright condemn a Nazi rally, there’s no reason for them to fear consequences for their actions.  You have to wonder if, if Trump had not been elected, this rally would have even taken place.  The white supremacists have become emboldened – we’ve given them a government that will not raise a fist against them.  And that is frightening.