I finished my freshman year of college on May 9th. I made Dean’s List, which was pretty amazing – nobody who knows what they’re talking about has ever told me that I’m GOOD at school before, so that felt good.

Currently, I’m waiting to hear back on several poetry submissions and one submission of flash fiction.  In the meantime, I’m working on a chapbook of love poems. I’ve never been able to write quality love poems, so this is exciting to me.

Also, I’m still doing school online! I’m currently taking a prerequisite Spanish 102 course and a gen-ed course called Contemporary Social Problems (SOCL 102).  After SOCL 102, I’ll be taking Enviromental Science and the World History: 1500’s – now.  It’s kind of dumb, but these classes get me out of bed in the morning.

Lastly, my family is moving! In 6 days, I’ll have left behind being a resident of Northern Virginia and will begin living in Midlothian.  Pretty cool.

Those are my endeavors.  Here’s a excerpt from a poem I wrote today called “The B Side”

I’m no longer in mint condition

because someone took me out of my box

and played with me,


National Poetry Month BURNOUT

I can’t poem any more, not for a while at least.  I had a good run, but anything past twenty days of writing is too much for me.  I’m done.  I quit.  Here’s a line from when I tried to pick up a pen this evening.

If I come off a bit loose to you, it’s only because somebody untied my knots.

This is my last NAPOWRIMO post.  Generic blogging will commence in the future. Peace out, homies.

National Poetry Month DAY NINETEEN

You ever write a poem, and you’re like, “damn, I didn’t realize I felt so strongly about this topic.”?  But it’s like, all there, in the poem.  Anyways, today’s excerpt is from one I wrote called Fever Dreams and it’s a love poem, I think.  This excerpt isn’t too love-poem-y, though. It’s about a boy.  I’m in love; I know I’m in love, I have been in love for a long time. And he’s finally mine.

I’m all push and no pull,

ghost peppers under my tongue,

flames licking at the part of me that fears

until I’m laughing

because it tickles

instead of burns.

National Poetry Month DAY EIGHTEEN

Today’s going to be a good day.  Tuesdays are always good.  I have an easy class at 2, get to hang out with my man until 6, then I have poetry workshop!

For today’s poem, I adapted a small piece I’d written earlier into a slightly longer piece.

your chest a pit of hot sand for me to sink my feet into,

dry – they buried their madness inside of you

I have nine poems in a folder marked “Handle With Care.”  I’m going to spend May going through them, and any more I might write that can go towards the folder, and seeing what I can do with them.

National Poetry Month DAY TWELVE

Tonight’s poem isn’t a poem at all, but rather a premise for a poem.  I’m starting to get burned out, and the month isn’t even half-way over.  Anyways, another cynical piece on religion.

God has the sinners dance on His fingertips while He smears the hot wax across the skyline.  While the lovers and the lonely alike look on in awe, this, we learn, is Hell.

I might go back into this thought later tonight, but for right now, all I want to do is stare at my ceiling and contemplate my life choices up until this point.  I’m so very tired.  Also, in conclusion, I feel like this thought would do well wedged in the middle of a poem.  Someday.

National Poetry Month DAY ELEVEN

For today’s poem, I worked out the kinks in a free write I did about some people I lived with in the psychiatric hospital during my freshman/sophomore years of high school.  I’m turning it into a prose poem for my final workshop portfolio.

she’s lived in white rooms and has had no-blinking contests with low-cal, sugar-free jam, watched it wriggle on trays, avoided Ensure and the one hundred and first pound

I’ve never written a prose poem before, but I definitely noticed that when I tried to add line breaks to this particular piece, everything felt wrong.  So, we’ll see how this mess goes.